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Expedition along “the Wild forest reindeer trail” in Salamajärvi national park.

This report on Finland is true. In September 2019, my husband´s boss and his friends (conservationists) were on an expedition in Finland. They drove to Finland via Poland and the Baltic states to Tallin. They continued by ferry to Helsinki. They slept at a campsite in tents or in cars. They arrived in central Finland, left the cars at the campsite, and continued on foot along the Forest reindeer Trail.

Finland is a Scandinavian country with beautiful countryside – forests, national parks, and many lakes. There are mainly pines and spruces, birches in the north. The forests are mainly in central Finland at mountain peaks (tunturi). There is a tundra with low willows and birches. There are many peat bogs all over Finland.

The members of the exhibition set out to watch polar and forest reindeer. The land is equipped for tourists – autiotups, laavas, saunas, etc. but a tent is needed. They had large backpacks, carried food and sleeping equipment for ten days. They had toiletries, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, medication, cameras, compasses, and binoculars. They cooked mainly in the evening on fire or a gas stove. They had instant food for breakfast – crispbread, patés, cheese, salami, muesli, biscuits, chocolate. They drank bottled water and canned beer.

One day they slept in a laava. This is a cottage with full sleeping facilities. There is food and firewood inside and whoever drinks and eats something pays to the money box. The price list hangs on the wall and the money box is on the table. Everyone pays only for what they eat and drink.

Along the way, they saw many animals – seals, grouse, snow owls, foxes, lynx, elks, wolves, and also large herds of reindeers. When they slept beyond the Arctic circle they saw herds of reindeer looking like large black clouds. In the fall these herds move closer to cities. Herders capture some reindeers for meat and release others back into the wild.

All men really enjoyed the expedition. They learned many interesting things about Finland, saw the beautiful countryside and took a lot of photos. The most beautiful pictures were created by rain and fog. When the sun came up, beautiful scenery appeared. Only prehistoric lizards were missing. In the evening only a small stream was flowing near the tents and in the morning after the rain, they had to wade it up tied to a rope.

They followed the motto: “Do not disturb and destroy.” They returned home full of impressions, ready for the next Nordic expedition.

Text: Jana Novotná

Photos: Ing. Josef Křenek

ferry – trajekt

pine – borovice / spruce – smrk / birch – bříza

peat bog – rašeliniště

reindeer – sob / seal – tuleň / grouse – tetřev / lynx – rys / elk – los

stream – potok

wade – brodit (se)


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